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AIN Improves The Process Of Finding Professional Art Installers. 

* It begins by analyzing the scope, estimating completion times and generating binding quotes for labor.

* Clients are introduced to experienced, pre-screened, local installers recruited from a nationwide registry.

* A performance-based wage recruits faster installers, shortens completion times and controls labor costs.

* Automated notification systems and integration of tasks keep the process running quickly and efficiently

       Binding  Quotes    *    Faster  Installers    *   Controlled Costs     *   Smoother Projects 


Tip #1:

The project's installer is

NOT the best person to generate estimates

of labor expenses!

Why not?


Factoid #1

Project details are sent to the closest, most qualified and highest-rated installer

in the area of the project. 

How does it work?


Factoid #2:

Projects are completed 19% faster when earnings are based on the pieces hung (vs. time spent on the job)

 What's wrong with hourly pay?


Goal #1

The goal is to keep a

project's installation

 running as smoothly 

as possible.

How do we do that?

Ready to try the process? 

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