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The Art Provider's FAQs

What are the services offerred by AIN?

A.I.N. is a cloud-based IT company providing services such as networking, estimating, notifying, recruiting, file sharing, invoicing and funding. Clients use the AIN software to simplify the process of finding an art installer. Art Installer Network does not install art.

Is AIN insured?

AIN is fully insured as an IT company with a $2M policy ($4M aggregate). It covers risks related to the IT industry, such as breaches in data security and infringments of intellectual property. Since AIN is not a construction company, its insurance does not cover installation services.

Are the installers insured?

We require installers to be insured with either professional liability insurance (similar to an Interior Designer who hangs art and drapes) or general liability insurance (similar to someone in the construction industry.) If the installer is asked to deliver product, we will search for an installer who carries insurance with an auto-umbrella, but this decreases the pool of available installers.

Are the installers employees of AIN?

AIN introduces clients to independent providers of installation services. Installers are neither employees nor are they considered sub-contractors of either AIN or their clients.

What are AIN's payment terms?

AIN works as a middle-man. Knowing that installers want to be paid right away but that most clients have 30 day terms, we step in to pay the installer ahead of the client's payment. That being the case, our terms are net 15, but we're not calling clients about it until that 30 day mark.

I'm an installer. How can I help more art providers?

Go to the navigation menu and click on the Installer Registration link. There you can inventory your skills, register your contact information and give the names of references. You'll be contacted via SMS and email when a regional project is pending. Further installer questions can be found at the installer's FAQ page.

How are the installers recruited?

AIN maintains a database of the nation's art installers and museum preparators who've we've contacted or who have registered with AIN. When a project is reserved, an algorithm notifies professionals of the details with the highest rated installer, closest to the job site receiveing the first notification. If available, the installer is introduced to the client. If unavailble, the next highest-rated installer is contacted.

How do I find an installer through Art Installer Network?

Clients describe their projects and AIN estimates the labor costs. This policy prevents slow installers from being paid more than fast installers and naturally pays fast installers a higher hourly wage. It also doesn't charge clients for delays unrelated to a project. When the install date is known, request an installer. AIN recruits available professionals based on their performance on past installs and their distance from the job site. Installers and clients are encouraged to review the scope with each other directly and decide if they're right for each other. If not, another installer will be recruited.

Who are the installers?

A core of installers were trained and vetted by the company's install coordinator. These installers then trained and vetted installers in other regions. The process continues to this day. There are over 1200 established professionals included in our database.

What services do the installers offer?

The prices include unpacking, inventorying, staging, placing, installing, cleaning, photographing and documenting.

Who are the principals of AIN?

The CEO is Maggie Smith, founder and former owner of Art Source Online. The COO is Scott Solda, founder of Art On The Level Installations and former art installer for Art Source Online.

Can I reserve a project scheduled 6 months from now?

It has been our overwhelming experience that a project scheduled 6 months from now will be rescheduled. With each new date, installers are either recruited or they need to adjust their schedules. A much better option is to confirm that a site is ready for the install within 2 weeks of the install date. At that time, we will happily accept your request for an installer.

When should an install be scheduled?

It's important a project is not scheduled too early. When exactly is "too early"? * Hardhats are still required at the job site. * The sounds of electric saws can be heard. * Walls are still being painted and finished. * Furniture has not yet been placed. Ideally, the art should be installed as part of the punch list.

How quickly can we find an installer?

When faced with an emergency staffing situation, AIN pulls out all the stops to get an installer to a site ASAP. Much will depend on the locality, but we've had a few instances where installers made it to a previously unscheduled job site within one hour of the request.

Can AIN handle large projects?

Large projects are our specialty and are where the benefits of performance-based pay are realized. In the ranks of installers, AIN knows of dozens who are able to hang 50% more than anyone else. Given a 10 hour work-day, these professionals are hanging up to 70-80 pieces each! We'll bring in these "super-installers" along with a couple of locals to have large projects completed quickly . . . at guaranteed prices.

How are the installers NOT sub-contractors?

Installer do not receive1099-M's. For more information, Google 1099-K.

What is AIN's phone number and why isn't it listed on the website?

AIN's phone number is 414-699-0092.

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