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  • What Service Does A.I.N. Provide?
    A.I.N. is an IT company offering cloud-based services to its clients, including networking, estimating, notifying, recruiting, file sharing, billing, and payments to installers. The A.I.N. software program replicates the functions that are performed by a staff installation coordinator at a fraction of the cost.
  • Can I obtain art installers through A.I.N.?
    Yes. A.I.N. has developed a network which connects users to every known installer in N. America.
  • Is A.I.N. insured?
    Yes! A.I.N. has liability insurance to cover risks associated with the IT industry, including coverage for data security and intellectual property. Individual installers in the database are classified as construction contractors and as such, carry their own liability insurance. If this is required, please indicate level of coverage needed on the estimate form.
  • Are the installers insured?
    AIN does not knowingly sign up uninstalled installers. However we do not have a system to verify their insured status or level of coverage. If you have concerns, or special insurance requirements, please ask the installer you’ve selected to provide documentation before you give final approval of them for a job.
  • How Does The Pricing System Work?
    Installers accepting client introductions from A.I.N. agree to accept our set pricing structure, which has been established based on time studies across hundreds of completed art installations. Their compensation is based on the parameters of the job, not by the time spent working. Since clients are the best judges of what’s involved in their projects, our software is written to provide cues for all possible cost drivers, and to then calculate a price based on this information. Accuracy and complete disclosure is needed to avoid under-estimates. After job is complete, if there were details not given on the original form, clients will be billed for additional services needed to complete the job. .
  • I want to reserve a project 6 months from now.
    While you are welcome to use our pricing software at any time so you can submit a bid to your clients, please do not actually order an install this far ahead as many factors can throw off the date. Contact us 3 weeks ahead to lock in an installer.
  • Your prices seem lower than what I normally pay.
    On average, by using our software, your price will be 25% lower than an installer’s standard retail price. Why? Because we bring them new business and repeat business, and because we pay installers within days of the job being completed. This gives us leverage with them that translates into lower costs for you.
  • What guarantees to you have regarding installation services?
    To be clear, A.I.N. is not the company providing the installation service. That is the responsibility of the individual installer(s) you select from the network. The services we provide are estimating, files sharing and communication vehicles, and billing functions.
  • What are your payment terms?
    We pay installers in the network within a week of job completion and bill you. Your payment to the network is due within 10 days. We also offer credit card terms for an additional fee.
  • What if none of the installers are available?
    There are multiple solutions! In some locations, adjacent markets are not far from one another, so an installer may still be considered but be from another region. If that is not the case, A.I.N. will contact members of the design industry who are local to an unfilled project to get recommendations as to who can fill the position.
  • I'm an installer. How can I help more art providers?
    Proceed to the navigation menu and find the link to Installer Registration. There you can inventory your skills, register your contact information and give the names of references.
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