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art installer, picture hanger, corporate art, art handler




art installer, picture hanger, corporate art, art handler

Marketing services

art installer, picture hanger, corporate art, art handler

Opportunities to work on HUGE projects.

art installer, picture hanger, corporate art, art handler

Billing services

art installer, picture hanger, corporate art, art handler

Fast pay

art installer, picture hanger, corporate art, art handler

Paid transportation

art installer, picture hanger, corporate art, art handler

Performance-based pay (fast installers make more per hour)

Frequently asked questions

How does the process work?

Installers register their contact information. When installation services are needed in their area, they're notified via SMS and email. Details will include the scope, the price and uploaded visuals. If the installer is available for the project, the client will be notified, shown the installer's profile and given their contact information. The two of them will interview each other and decide if the installer is right for the project. Accepted installers work directly with the client for scheduling and design issues. When the project is completed, installers send the client photos of the work and invoice AIN. We'll verify completion with the client and pay the installer with terms that work for all parties.

Who are the clients?

The clients are corporate art consultants, commercial interior designers or facility managers who need estimated costs for installation services. It is important to those clients that the estimated price does not change throughout the process.

What services am I expected to provide?

Receiving, storing, delivering, unpacking, staging, placing, installing, frame touch-up/repair, cleaning, photographing/documenting.

What supplies or equipment am i expected to bring?

  • Gloves (eliminate fingerprints and secures the hold.)
  • Blue contractor tape.
  • A cart to transport the pieces from the receiving department to the install site.
  • A multi-purpose ladder (initial project information will included elevations & piece sizes).
  • A drill or an awl for creating holes for anchors.
  • An assortment of anchors, screws and installation hardware.
  • A "magic eraser" for cleaning scuffs from the wall..
  • A shop vac or dust buster.
  • Markers and putty for superficial repairs to frames.
  • Spackle to fill holes.
  • Tape measure.
  • 24 and 48 inch level.
  • A hammer.
  • A phillips screw driver

What is "performance-based" pay and how does it benefit me?

Simply put, the installer who hangs the most pieces is paid the most money. And the faster the pieces are hung, the greater an hourly wage. Some of our fastest installers are making $1000/day.

Who pays me?

AIN invoices clients and pays installers.

When is the payment made?

Clients typically pay their bills 30 days after being invoiced and after they're paid by their client. Some even have 90 day terms. We think the process should go smoother than that, so we step in and pay an installer in 15 days.

How is the payment made?

Being that we're paying an installer ahead of payment to us, we make that payment with a credit card. Installers will need a credit card processor, which is easiest handled via PayPal.

Why won't I receive an earning statement?

Earning statements are issued when payment is made with cash (or a check). When payment is made with a credit card, the credit card company will issue a earnings statement with a 1099-K. Unlike cash payments that have a $600 threshold, 1099-K's are issued only if an installer earned more than $20,000 AND had ver 200 transactions. Though many installers earn more than that amount, none have work than many jobs. The earnings are not tax free. Installers are responsible to report their own wages.

What if there is more work than what was ordered?

Installers should contact their client if additional work has been added by the end-user.

The project required more time than estimated. Do I get more money?

Estimates are based on average completion times and are adjusted based on site variables. We'll work with an installer to make sure pricing is fair.

Are there any other perks to working with AIN?

AIN values their relationship with installers as much as it values their clients. Top installers receive expense-paid trips to Vegas, New Orleans, SF and in other cities hosting industry-related events

How do I register with the Network?

AIN is one of 3 divisions of service networks. To determine which is right for you, please visit

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