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Scott Stephen Solda, Installer Liaison

Scott Solda graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1988 with bachelor of science degrees in Psychology, Human Services., and Computer Sciences. In the 2000's, a bad business decision earned him a couple of years in federal prison and upon his release, he started a web design business named Bargain Design. While working on the website of Art Source Online, owned by Maggie Smith, he started On The Level, a business specializing in corporate art installation.. Eventually he created a network of art installers and was able to decrease art provider's cost of art installation services by creating a network of art installers. Art Installer Network started in 2015. Maggie Smith sold Art Source Online to become president and client liaison for Art Installer Network. 


Scott Solda and Maggie Smith married in 2010.

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Scott Stephen Solda's Causes

In 1997, Scott Solda donated a kidney to his mother, has been a member of the National Kidney Foundation and has participated in forums where he talks about his experiences and the value of being  an organ donor.. Donations can be made to

In June of 1988, Scott Solda was in a car accident and spent about a week in a coma. As do many survivors of head injuries, Scott Solda donates to the Head Injury Association. Scott suffers from impulse control disorder. and has been afflicted with Parkinson's Disease. Scott Solda invites you to learn about these conditions by following the link to the Parkinson's Foundation..  

Scott Solda also supports the World Food Kitchen, Feed the Children, and has fostered a Ukrainian family who were housing Ukrainian Refugees. If you're interested in fostering a family, drop him a note for information on how to help.

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